Thursday, September 3, 2009

God knows where my soft underbelly is...

Oops, missed yesterday. Today was a great day until I got a phone call. You know how you commit yourself to a situation and give and give and give and then someone calls your committment to that situation in question. I hate that. My wife and I have been seriously in a healing mode and one thing i have found is that no matter how much you think you can rush healing... it has it's own time table. You can say or think you are past something then bam! It's like trying to drive overseas. You can do it... you can drive on the rights side of the car on the let side of the road and think you are doing great..... until you have to react in an emergency. Then, guess what? Your reaction will be what is embedded in your brain, left side of car right side of road. Same with healing... when you are hard pressed, what's inside that hasn't healed will rage out of you with a vengeance. I guess I am still healing in so many ways. I'm workin on it though.

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