Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The assistant Holy Spirit

Well it happened again. Someone acting on behalf of God tried to force their opinions on me again. I am so gun shy when they do this. I know that God uses leadership to take us from one place of growth to multiple levels of growth. So I've been in this role for years and now I'm having to put my trust in someone to mentor or lead me through the next plane of growth in my life. Trouble is I don't because I'm still in such a transitional stage of healing, especially in the area of finances. I've planted more seeds than I know how to plant. I've given 25% of my income in given years. I've done all these thing and my car still blew an engine, I still had medical bills I couldn't pay, and it seemed church leadership was being blessed and we were seriously struggling ....I don't believe God wanted us to do that. Now I'm back to the predator's and yes, they can be ministers or what I call 'The Assistant Holy Spirit' because everyone knows church people are too stupid to figure this out for ourselves... here the deal though.. doesn't God depend on us to work out our own salvation? How do you know who the good ones are and who the bad ones are? (just in case you were wondering, there is no such person as the assistant holy spirit) So you go to a church.. you go to 10 churches... you find 'the one.' You go for a while, get to know friends, find a place, enjoy the worship. Membership.... hm? Either way, you get more involved.. so now you are a year or maybe more down the road. Then comes the conflict, can you work through it or is it easier to run. Now you have come full circle. I wish I could say I have answers to these questions but I'm living this myself and you know what? Sometimes I think to myself... remind me why I go to church?

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