Friday, September 11, 2009

Being smart enough to not follow what you think is obviously right...

I had a very long email conversation with a very smart and influential person this week. She lives in LA and is a very successful Voice Over Artist. You would recognize her voice in a split second because she does ALOT of movie trailers. I asked her if I had what it took to be in the business and if she thought I had what it took to make it in LA or NY? I had prepared my fragile ego and was ready for a bludeoning.... and got it. Have you ever had someone lay into you and tell you how you aren't what you need to be, you don't have what it takes and then spends time picking apart how all you've done is wrong and not good enough. Well, I'm the only one then. Seems like the toxicity level with this conversation was off the scale. So what. You know I have talent, I am gifted in so many ways if only to be gifted in being Gracious. I can graciously admit that this successful woman .... was just flat wrong. I know me and I know my work ethic and the things I do are meaningful to the adults I do it for and the children that benefit from my creative flow. If you have to be something to be at the top and you spend your life killing yourself or living in this incredible place of fear and stress.... well, what kind of life is that? I remember I was standing on the street in Beverly Hills one day and a guy in a jet black mercedes wearing a $5000 suit drove by with his window down and he was screaming at someone on the other end who I'm sure was peeing their pants. I thought to myself.. what would I do to have that car or wear that suit? What if I knew that it would turn me into that person? I walked away... got in my little toyota and smiled. Sometimes it's great to know your limitations and not be intimidated by what may appear to be a success you think you want. Choice is a beautiful thing.

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