Thursday, September 17, 2009


I used to get really anxious about walking into an office, sitting down in that chair that's about 6 inches lower than the one behind the desk and hearing the door close. I don't care if it was to discuss the price of rice in China, it always feels intimidating. Over the past few years, recognizing my co-dependent personality has helped me see the detriment of wanting to please people so much that I was willing to give up my opinions and desires and it seriously had affected my life. I am a new man though... I have strong beliefs and when I take the time to do my homework and understand what's truly at stake, I can articulate with confidence what I beleive. To also understand that I can hold fast to my beliefs even though someone is in direct disagreement with me, even if they are in a respected position or are smarter than I, it still means alot to walk away agreeing to disagree. It means I am able to hold true to what I believe or my ideals even if someone has an opposing opinion. Ideals are really the springboard of your life. It's the way you believe things are supposed to be... hm. Maybe I should have been a politician.

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